Details on how to order....

All orders are currently taken over the phone or email me on My mobile number is 07950620986. Please supply a good digital image of your pet, preferably a facial close up with little to no background. The better quality of photo the more detail I can work from in translating it to paint. Try to send me a shot which captures the personality of the pet and therefore make an interesting portrait.
Ideally send a few and I can choose the best to work with.
Please be advised that there is a 50% down payment to cover materials and costs. I will email you a completed picture before posting.

Posting costs will vary as you may want international service, extra insurance or next day delivery depending on your needs. P&P starts at £15.

All paintings will be securely packaged to reach you in perfect condition. As I cannot guarantee that no damage or loss of the painting will happen whilst in transit I have included an additional charge for insurance purposes.

Turnaround time can vary due to demand but I currently advise 3-6 weeks for work. The paint is thick household gloss so can take days to dry between applications. If you need something done urgently I will try to help you as best I can. Orders for Christmas presents should be placed early November ideally but I can try an accommodate any last minute orders.

Prices: (For images painted with 1 colour tonal range) Images with 'natural colours' to match photos will be more.

A3 £210-250 420mm x 297mm, 16.54 inches x 11.69 inches
A2 £280-330 594mm x 420mm, 23.39 inches x 16.54 inches
A1 £350-395 841mm x 594mm, 33.11 inches x 23.39 inches

Some canvases can differ a cm or so depending on my supplier.

Square canvases

12 inches x 12 inches £180-210
16 inches x 16 inches £210-250
20 inches x 20 inches £250-310
30 inches x 30 inches £320-380

For larger canvases contact me for a quote

All paintings are bespoke, if you require square or alternative sized canvases we can arrange this. I choose one main colour and work tonally through this. Please advise me which colour would work best with your walls and I will do my best to work with it.
I work with one chosen colour, with black and white. If you would like me to work with more than one colour or match colours to a photograph, this will incur an extra charge for mixing time.

Each picture, though of a graphic nature IS a painting and therefore will not be 'perfect'. It is after all, an artist's impression and I do not paint with photo realism. The nature of the paint means sometimes it will have small imperfections, for example sometimes it holds bubbles I am unable to pop, or dries with more wrinkles in one area etc. These details I feel add to the authenticity of the work and make it obvious instantly that this is not a print or produced digitally in any way.

I offer a special service for the commissions of deceased pets, I can incoperate the ashes of the pet into the paint. This can be of great comfort to the owners. Please email me should you require this service and we can arrange the service to your needs. There will be an additional cost for this.

Please scroll down the blog archive on the left of the page to view all images.
I'm quite liking the spotty background for this grumpy looking boxer. Used a lovely natural canvas for a different finish.


Maine Coon Cat. 16' x 16'. Grey scale. Now can be seen and purchased at The Hackney Vet, 117 Lower Clapton Road, Hackney.


Grey scale hare. Created for Christmas show at A Side B Side Gallery , Hackney. Now at the Hackney Vet, Clapton.


Meet Flo!
Here she is with lovely owner Marianne at her flower shop Sweet Pea Flowers at Hackney Downs Studios where my studio is located also. 

Getting married? Check out her creations! Amazing!

Colour corgi

I can match to the exact colours of your pet though this will incur an extra fee.